Hear what our parents have to say:

Cuddling “the littles”

We are having so much fun learning!

– A Parent
On her first day of school, my daughter didn’t want to leave. She said, ‘I want to stay and play with my friends!'”

“We appreciate all you do for us.”

My daughter has learned more in 2 months with you than in the past two years at her previous program.

– A Parent

This program is amazing!”

“I seriously can’t thank you both enough for the structure and stability that you have provided during this crazy time for the world.  I have watched Abbie blossom with Shara and Ms. B. She went from a very anxious girl, with separation anxiety issues, to pure excitement about going to school every day.  I never felt Mom guilt or fear about dropping her off like I did with her previous school.  Thank you for enabling my ability to work and helping facilitate her online instruction.  Gosh, words can’t really tell you how thankful I am.  You are invaluable to me and we will never forget you. ”

Circle time

“[My daughter] is eager for structure and hungry to learn. The program is excellent and my daughter has so much fun.”

“I love seeing my daughter’s social and emotional intelligence blossom. She has a joy for learning and excitement to teach others. I truly couldn’t be more pleased with our choice for her educational path.” 

My son is learning the same things at SVLC as my twin 3rd graders are in their classroom!

– a parent
Shara Coughlin with a new student

“Ms. Shara has been wonderful. They are caring and have a wonderful classroom and playground in the VOC! I would recommend them a hundred times over.”

“I’m happy to see [my child] in school exploring her independence and discovering the joy of learning and socializing.”