How can I help?

SVLC is run by 501(c)(3) non-profit, Sedona Village Foundation. Our mission is providing access to high-quality education regardless of income. More than 60% of our families receive a tuition assistance.
We fundraise a few times a year, apply for grants and receive gifts from generous donors in order to run our scholarship program. Providing assistance each month means families can pay a much lower tuition rate. This means the difference between affording to attend – or not.

 My daughter took my hand one day during the Human Body unit and said, ‘You see that, that’s where your blood pumps to your heart.’ I couldn’t believe it. She’s not even 5.”

– a parent

tax credit program – a free donation for you

Here’s another way to give – by donating your tax bill to education.

Click and select our school under the recipients.

My friend is sending her daughter to a different free preschool, and it’s more like they’re just watching the kids. They aren’t really learning anything. She’s having a hard time. She wants her daughter to advance but no other preschools are doing what SVLC is doing. If you don’t have the money, it’s hard to get an education for the kids.”

– a parent

Grant support

We are funded by grants from 7 different organizations in the past 2 years. In summer 2021, we received a $180,000 grant from the AZ Department of Economic Security for providing an essential service – and remaining open – during the pandemic. This is distributed over a 3-year period and will support our operations.
Making a gift to the school helps us continue to provide scholarships and make school accessible to all. A one-time or recurring donation will make an impact! Please join us.