The Power of Pre-K

An SVLC family recently shared with us how much their daughter has evolved since joining our program. She’s been with us for a year and the inquisitiveness, play and confidence of their girl has absolutely exploded. “For example, says the mother, “yesterday she flipped my hand over and shows me my blue and purple veins on my arm. ‘You see that part, that is where you blood pumps through, it goes to your heart.’ She’s not even 5!” (Ha! See our unit on The Human Body here.)

We have long been clear with our families the difference between a preschool education and preschool as daycare. “My friend is sending her daughter to a different place, which is free, they are also a ‘preschool’ but it’s more like they’re just watching the kids,” says the student’s mother. “They aren’t really learning anything. She’s having a hard time but wants her daughter to be advanced but no other preschools are doing what you’re doing.”

This is true. An article in the New York Times illustrates that high-quality preschools (that are smaller with a focus on children’s learning) will powerfully impact the young, developing minds of children. A study of two preschool educational programs “showed major benefits for the children who attended them. But some experts pointed out the two programs were of a higher quality than most pre-K programs.”

The long-term outcomes of children learning in preschool can be found not just kindergarten, but in the years beyond. “The authors [of the study] note that their findings are consistent with several other studies, which also found that early education had a bigger effect on long-term outcomes than short-term metrics.”

Because 90% of the brain has developed by the time a human is 5 years old, the implications on what we DO with a child in the years prior are compelling. In the early years, a child develops her profile of herself as a learner, and creates the lifelong model for how she will engage with the world around her, and herself. The profound results on a good preschool education will then result in lifelong effects, such as career and marriage satisfaction – happiness in life.

We are extremely proud to be a distinguished program in the region and will continue to do our best to serve our families and the future leaders who are in our preschool!

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