Who We Are: Playing to Learn

Brain Hat
“All About Me”

One a recent day, a grandmother sat behind the circle of kids watching their friend, Oliveia, present her homework to the group. Nana was taking pictures and video while Oliveia sat with the teacher up front and held up a large paper shaped like a t-shirt was “All About Me.” The paper showed pictures, names, drawing about her family and home.

I could see the pride on Oliveia’s face as she pointed to the pictures and talked about what she drew. Nana was even prouder!

The week before, all the kids had taken their own piece of paper to work on at home, and bring to class for their presentation. The idea was introducing who we are, who is in our family, and what we like to do.

Emotions activity

The next class project about “Who We Are” was a study of our emotions. We used class time to learn new words to understand the names of feelings. One activity we did for St. Patrick’s Day was to observe the different ways we feel at different times.

The tags were used to place our expressions with the name of the feeling.

Kids could be heard sharing their feelings at all times that week! “I’m happyyyyy!”

Fast forward a few weeks later to circle time when Shara asked, “Does anyone remember what the liver does?” Emma, a 3 year-old, said matter of factly, “It cleans your sugar out of your blood!” Welcome to our Human Body unit, where we learn about the systems and functions of our bodies.

We’re making brain hats and doing x-rays out of Q-tips to study the bones. The kids hold on to the information they hear. For example, at lunchtime Emma said to Shara, “I can feel my food going down my Snuffleupagus (esophagus)!”

Learning through play is the best way to learn. The fun never stops when you’re really, truly learning.

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