Halloween Parade in the Village of Oak Creek

join the 1st Annual Pet Parade …on Halloween!


All families around the Verde Valley and the Village of Oak Creek came to participate

Sedona Village Partnership brought the Village its 1st Annual VOC Pet Parade. on Saturday, October 31st, on Halloween.

120 or so people attended, cheered on by merchants, locals and visitors at several tables. Bowls of candy, toys and costumes were found up and down the Big Park school corridor.

A parade?

What a FUN idea!!! We had a PET PARADE to give Verde Valley families, big people and little people, residents and visitors alike something unique to anticipate. 

The event began at 10 am and concluded before 12 noon.  A few people took a tour of the preschool classroom. Kids, adults with and without pets arrived with a variety of costumes, with hats, masks, make-up and disguises. Almost everyone was!

We took a walk along the fence in the field behind the school and landed back at the trick-or-treat tables.

Prizes for Costumes

Various judges assessed costumes and gave prizes for winners – gift certificates from Rotten Johnny’s pizza, for example.  


Our registration table was open at 9:30am and by 10 am the field was full! People continued to arrive throughout the event.

To stay COVID-safe, we asked people to practice physical distancing off 6 ft apart. Face mask were used for when distancing is not possible. We requested the use of hand sanitizer when needed.

Trash-free Naturally, we asked all to “pick up” after your pet during the walk and leave no trash but help collect any trash.

This event was hosted by Sedona Village Partnership (SVP) with SVLC. SVP’s mission is to serve as a catalyst to inspire thought leadership and action to individuals, organizations and businesses in our community, to forge collaborative relationships, build trust, exchange ideas and information and to find solutions for our Village challenges, as well as our dreams.

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