Hopping into Lessons

From the archives, May 2020

Things have been hopping in our online preschool program – literally – in recent units on frogs & spiders.

We’ve been covering a wide range of topics from Earth Day to spiders, families to germs (which turned out to be quite timely with the COVID crisis).

As the teacher, I’m constantly looking for new ways to bring engaging content into our curriculum and am excited to be able to offer even more hands on activities as well as some online guest experts. As we head into future weeks, upcoming topics include caterpillars & butterflies, space and dinosaurs!

I have been amazed by our students’ ability to adapt to an online format. I get excited each time I sign on to see their enthusiasm for the lessons – and the parents too! One parent contacted me to say, “I can’t thank you enough for making all of these magical teaching moments possible.”

The At-Home Preschool program has also helped us onboard new students. One parent said, “[When we looked at the SVLC program], I wasn’t sure we could do 4 days a week in the classroom. My daughter has fallen in love with you and the class too, now I guess we’ll have to!”

Even though the online platform has been a tremendous gift to me & the families to engage in highly enriching content from home, I’m looking forward to being back in person and in our classroom as soon as possible! Here’s one reason: signing off last week, one child stopped me before hanging up and said, “Ms. Shara, I have to tell you something… I just love you the most in the universe!” ❤ I can’t wait to see our kids.

We’re currently researching the right date for us to open. If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact me at sedonavillagelearningcenter@gmail.com.

– Shara Coughlin – School Director & Teacher

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