At-Home Preschool, Anywhere!

Hello from SVLC, the at-home edition!

Due to the coronavirus risks and recommended school closure, Shara and I put our heads together: how can we best serve our families in this time? We didn’t want to wait to open – so rather than sit by, we chose to reinvent the program!

We’ve been running our “At-Home Preschool” since early April. We’ve welcomed our already-enrolled SVLC families to this innovative new program. Due to demand, we opened a new section for other local families and now are offering a totally virtual program starting Monday May 11.

About At-Home Preschool

At-Home Preschool engages young learners under the “new normal” of learning while staying at home. Our program centers around our weekly activity packets to families. for the week’s activities for lessons such as art, biological science, global culture, food studies, holidays and more. Three times a week, students gather on video calls for “circle time.” In these 30 minute meetings, we do stories, songs and do a group activity. At the end of the week, kids “Share with Shara” what they created throughout the week.

An example of student work on this week’s “Bubbles” unit:

Here is what or parents have to say:

  • After doing their first activity on bubbles: “We are having so much fun learning about bubbles!”
  • “We have more to do now: he seems to like the activities and be engaged.”
  • “The program is excellent! She is eager for structure and hungry to learn.”
  • “The packets are so much fun.”
  • “I’m happy to see [my child] in school exploring her independence and discovering the joy of learning and socializing.”

Join from your own home

How it works: The next session begins Monday May 11. Download the free activity packet and do the work at home on your own time!

  • May 11     Mothers’ Day/Families
  • May 18     Butterflies/Caterpillars
  • May 25     Space
  • June 1      Dinosaurs
  • June 8      Fairy Tales
  • June 15    Science of Sticky
  • June 22    Summer
  • June 29    Insects Vs Bugs
  • July 6       4th of July/ United States Awareness 
  • July 13     Ice Cream
  • July 20     Kids in the Kitchen

Tuition is a weekly subscription, offered on a sliding scale based on what works for you $20-50/week. If you’re interested in joining the At-Home Preschool Program, contact us.

More examples of student work:

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