Our COVID-19 Care Plan

Like all of us, we’ve been paying attention to the evolution of COVID-19 and created a plan. 

UPDATE September 4, 2020

At this unique time of a virus pandemic, we place family & child care & safety first. Having a plan, being prepared, and being in good communication are essential at this time. While we believe transmission of COVID-19 at our school will be minimal, we’re taking every precaution to promote health and prevention. 

1.) We consulted medical advice. Our protocol was created under the guidance of the Chief Medical Resident, Dr. Laura Horton at top-ranking institution, Brigham & Women’s Hospital of Boston. We also worked under the research of the Department of Education in Arizona, the Center for Disease Control, and The Arizona Department of Health.

2.) Prevention.  We created an in-class protocol to prevent the risk of spread:

3.) Our school closure plan. If the COVID spread picks up in Arizona and affects our local population’s safety, we will follow public health official recommendations as to staying open or closed. We will close for a minimum of 14 days if someone in the SVLC community (parent, staff, sibling or student) in our SVLC classroom community contracts coronavirus.

4.) Educate yourself!  Learn the facts & myths of the coronavirus.  For your reference, look at this chart regarding symptoms of COVID-19. We recommend looking at the myths and facts of the virus from Johns Hopkins University, and the CDC school & home prevention guidelines

It’s our priority to support and care for our SVLC students & families.  Be safe, and take care everyone!

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